Getting Out of the ‘Slump’

Long time no post. Since August I have been in a serious reading slump. In almost three months, I have finished four books, which is an all-time low for me, especially since I am not currently in school and I’m unemployed. Most of my days involve applying to jobs and watching Netflix. It’s the perfect time to read a bit more, but I just haven’t been feeling it. When I did work up the energy to pick up a book, I usually started yawning after 20 pages–it’s how I imagine non-readers feel. Anyway, I’m posting this now because I believe my slump is finally over: I finished two books this weekend (yay!).

So, if you are currently in a reading slump, or you have them occasionally, my best advice for you is to just wait it out. That probably seems like bad advice if you’re currently dealing with the frustration that is having shelves of unread books and no urge to read whatsoever–but I promise, it comes back. Sometimes we really do need a break, even from things we love. Now that I have taken this break, I feel more enthusiastic about reading than ever.

The only problem is that I’m nervous about my Goodreads challange. If you remember, I made the goal of reading 70 books in 2013, a new high for me, as I usually average around 50 books each year. Last year I got about 60 or so, so I thought I should keep trying to improve my number. Reading isn’t all about numbers, but with tools like Goodreads, it is nice to see a progression from year to year. Right now I’m at 46 books read–not bad for mid-October, but I’ll need to read about 20 books in November and December to ‘win’ for the year. Challenge accepted, I guess–but let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

That’s all for now! I just wanted to pop in and give a little explanation for the lack of posts around here. I am planning on writing some reviews soon, including book comparisons, a review of the Salinger documentary, and maybe more! Hopefully more!


Currently reading: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. and hopefully something Halloween-themed soon.
Goodreads challange: 46/70