out of the navy blue abyss

I haven’t been on WordPress for a while because I decided a few months ago to blog solely on Tumblr.

I have done monthly roundups. I have reviewed the following books: Wild by Cheryl Strayed,  The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood, Yes Please by Amy Poehler, and…is that it? I thought I blogged more than that.

I figured more people are on Tumblr, so it’s easier to have a conversation there. I was right and wrong. There probably are more people on Tumblr, but it’s not easy to have a conversation there, or even read more than two paragraphs at a time there. I’ve had a personal Tumblr since 2009, so I don’t even know what I was expecting, really. It’s very easy, on Tumblr, to simply reblog quotes and pictures and call that “blogging”, but that was really never the vision I had for this blog. I loved Tumblr once upon a time, but now I am getting old and cranky. So, back to square one on WordPress.

I started this blog a couple of years ago when I was still in college, and now I am wondering what about it keeps me locked in. I’m not entirely invested, don’t get me wrong, this is not my Main Thing; if I were I would post more often — but this blog has taught me a lot of things, namely, that I’m not good at book reviewing, and I’d like to get better. Also, I’m not good at blogging, and I’d like to get better. And, most importantly, it is one of many things over the past few years that has helped me realize that stories are my passion and I need to find ways to express that however possible, in a million ways a day. I need to be writing and reading stories, I need to be talking about them, I need to be teaching them/preaching them/cherishing them. Stories, true or false, are how human beings make meaning out of an indifferent world. I want to tell a story about that.

The Saltwater Book Review is simply a piece of this love I have, even if it’s no good and no one reads it. What I need for this blog is simply a space that feels like my own, and Tumblr, for all its charms, can’t ever feel that way. It’s a community collage, and that’s wonderful, so I will still re-post things to Tumblr, and I will still reblog quotes and pretty book covers stylistically placed next to lattes, but I know that if I leave this blog entirely on Tumblr I will lose interest, distracted by a gif of Taylor Swift, dancing.

On that note, I have been reading a ton and will be updating a bunch soon.


One thought on “Tumblr’d

  1. On WordPress it’s easy to have your posts published on Tumblr without you having to work to blog from there (that way your WordPress followers can keep up without having to subscribe to your Tumblr feed). I like having extra readers and attention on Tumblr, but I agree that the community is too obsessed with photos and memes and most couldn’t care less about reading anything. As far as maintaining a meaningful blog, I also prefer the WordPress platform 1000%! Hope you manage to continue to use this service, and I look forward to catching up with some of your content!

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