#goals: February 2016 TBR

I don’t have high aspirations for February as far as book count goes. This week I started an online class with Grubstreet which is going to be taking up some of my reading time. I’m not complaining – I’m SUPER excited and happy to be taking a writing class again. I find them really fun/productive/stressful in a good way.

But hopefully I can get some non-class reading done, too. Here’s what I’m hoping to finish in February.

That is about it, give or take some comics. My other goal: to write metric tons of words. And survive until spring.


January TBR (Subject to Change)


  • Work, Thich Nhat Hanh
  • A Man Without a Country, Kurt Vonnegut
  • You, Caroline Kepnes
  • The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Aimee Bender
  • American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang
  • Mothers, Tell Your Daughters, Bonnie Jo Campbell
  • Killing and Dying, Adrian Tomine
  • Saga, Volume 2, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I don’t often make ‘to-be-read’ posts because I find them too aspirational. I usually don’t follow through. But, this time I totally am going to! (She said, her eyes widening nervously.)

First, happy 2016! I love a blank slate, don’t you? This morning I set a goal for the Goodreads reading challenge, even though I said I wasn’t going to. Well, here me out: I set my goal to be 40 books, because I sort of like looking at the progress bar, but I didn’t actually want to ‘challenge’ myself to any number. 40 books is not a challenge to me at my current pace of reading, so I’m sure I won’t even think about the challenge for the rest of the year. So it’s sort of like I’m not participating. Even though I’m totally participating. What can I say…old habits die hard.

Sometimes, when it comes to personal projects, I can be a bit of a flake. But in 2016 I plan to practice practical productivity and radical self-compassion in equal measure, so it’s all good.

But there’s a reason I want to read these books in January: most of them are borrowed, and I need to read them so that I can get going with my real challenge this year, which is to read my own books so I can clear out my shelves, as I previously discussed.

I guess signing up for the #READMYOWNDAMNBOOKS challenge sent me into a impulsive library spree. I have a library problem. Four of these books are library books: Work; You; Mothers, Tell Your Daughters; and Killing and Dying. Two more I borrowed from my boyfriend: A Man Without a Country and Saga: Volume 2. Because if I spend enough time with you and you have books I will sometimes be all, “…Can I take this?” — fair warning. (Note: I welcome and love when people do the same to me! PLEASE! TAKE A BOOK! I HAVE TOO MANY!)

My compulsive borrowing and library visiting is why my shelf is so jam-packed with unread books, so I’m going to gobble those up and then read the two books off my shelves, which I’ve owned for some time and never got around to: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, and American Born Chinese.

Three of these books are graphic novels/comics: Killing and Dying, American Born Chinese, and Saga: Volume 2. I am really excited because I have been dipping my toes in and out of graphic novels/comics for years but now I want to COMMIT. Getting with the program, as it were. My problem is mainly I don’t like comics where a lot of things happen, like explosions, gun fights, apocalypse…well, I sort of like apocalypses. I really liked the first volume of Saga, which is a comic in which things sometimes happen, but with bad-ass lady characters, so I feel like I am progressing.

What are you reading this month? Please let me know here or add me on Goodreads.

Shelves, and To Be Read: January

I spent New Year’s Eve “organizing” my book collection. Right now there’s no real way to organize it, though. There’s too many and not enough space. I’m sure a lot of book nerds can relate. I really need to get a kindle.

I had the idea that I was going to go through all my books and choose some to give away, but I think I’ll hang on to them all for the time being. I haven’t actually read all of them and I’d like to before I start giving them away. So, okay, mine isn’t the most organized book shelf in the world, but I now have my personal library cataloged and accounted for. (285 is the final count, by the way!)



[Before, After.]

They’re going to put me on an episode of hoarders if I keep this up. The real reason for this post is to share what books I plan on reading in January.

To Be Read: January

1. Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Shteyngart
2. Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë
3. The Golden Age of Promiscuity, Brad Gooch
4. Remaking Love: The Feminization of Sex, Barbara Ehrenreich

I’d like to read these before the 20th, when I move back to school, and then hopefully read a couple more before the end of the month, too. I’d like to review all of them, but we’ll see if they move me enough either way for that.

I hope you all have good books to read this month! Let me know what you’re reading, I’m curious.